Monday, October 11, 2010

Travel Plans

Dinner tonight was rather interesting. Lucas asked, like he does at every dinner, for the kids to tell us something they learned at school today. Meagan was first to jump in - they talked about the letter K. She started talking about things that start with K, which led into a discussion about our realtor, whose name was Kay. Talk about our realtor then led into conversation about possibly having to move again at some point in the future. We spent a few minutes explaining that, as of right now, we are not moving anywhere, but that some day we may have to.

Then Isaac pipes up, "Can we move to Europe? Isn't that where Pompeii is? And the volcano Mount Vesuvius?" My jaw dropped. No, really. Dropped. Maybe because I just had a moment in my life when I realized that my 2nd grader just pulled something out of his knowledge base that might have never even ever entered my registry. Wow. I felt silly. But super happy that he knows it, I guess.

He then went on to request a trip to Hawaii to see the islands and volcanoes, and to eat poi. Yeah, I've had poi... that's all him... I'll stick with islands and volcanoes.

Then, Sebastian's turn. Fittingly, as today is Columbus Day, his class talked about Christopher Columbus. Here is his recap of the adventures of Christopher Columbus. "He begged and begged and begged for money to sail to Asia. But then he ended up sailing somewhere else instead. I think he landed on some islands by Florida or something."

Pop quiz, Who did he ask for money? "Queen Isabella and King Somebody." Okay, what country were they from? ..... uuuuummmm...... "Spain?" Very good. Do you know what language they speak in Spain? (At this point, Sebastian paused for just a moment, which, I guess, Meagan took as a sign that he didn't know the answer and might need some help, so she leaned over to him and whispered, "Sign Language"... I laughed. A lot.) Eventually Sebastian did give his own answer, "Three different kinds of Spanish? Is that right?" Well, yes, they speak different dialects. Yes, you're right.

So yes, to sum it up, we will first go to Europe to see Pompeii, see a volcano, then Hawaii, see some more volcanoes, then back to Europe to visit Spain, where they speak sign language. It's amazing the travel plans that can come out of a chat about the school day!

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