Friday, October 8, 2010

Stop, Look & Listen

This week's digi dare is up... you can check out this week's dare here. Here's my layout for it:

Journaling: I used to get overwhelmed by all of the need in the world around me. The hunger, the hurting, the injustice, the lack. It's enough to feel helpless. How can I be just one person & possibly even begin to make any real difference to anyone? Then one day, God changed my perspective. I was thinking about the countless individuals with such real need in their lives, wishing there were something I could do. Then He asked m, 'Are you willing to do for ONE person what you would like to do for so many?' I was stopped cold in my tracks. And in that moment I realized that God cares about ONE with as much passion as He cares about the many. And He began to teach me the value of 1 person. Each day as I stopped and took time for Him, He began to teach me to look for and be aware of opportunities each day to be a blessing in someone's life. Daily I found that there were things big and small that I could do to show God's love to others and share Him in some tangible, real way. Pay for the person behind me in the drive-thru, buy a gift card for a young mother, give someone a ride on my way. I was not only learning to look, but also to listen - to act on what He was asking me to do. Soon, He asked me to reach out to specific individuals I knew - 2 women I knew casually but had no real relationship with. Honestly, I didn't want to do it. Not for any real reason, other than it was not convenient for me. There was a risk of messiness. But I chose to listen. And what I found was that the process of intentionally being a blessing to someone else is one of the greatest blessings I personally will ever know in my life. And one person matters. To God, and to me.


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