Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Daily Dining...again

I know YOU absolutely do NOT care what I'm spending on my food. So please be patient... the month is almost over. This has been really helpful for me and an interesting experiment I must say.

Over the weekend:
a total of $25.00 eating out
$44 groceries

$7.85 on snacks.

Where does that leave me? So far a total of $606.57. My goal was $500 or less, so I clearly did not hit that mark. But I am still a good $200 or more less than my typical month's spending on groceries alone, before I ever count dining. So I think I have made major progress this month in cutting back on unnecessary spending. Just a few more days to go... I should be able to keep my food spending pretty reasonably low for the rest of the month. I'm in the home stretch!!

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