Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Notes on Today

Today was a no-school day for Meagan. She watched How to Train Your Dragon on a loop... really, I think she watched the movie 3 1/2 times and the short film that came with it twice.

I painted today. I trimmed and rolled all of the walls in the entry way. I have only one itty bitty spot left to do - the teeny little space that is squished in between our bathroom door and the door to the garage. I'll have to use a small watercolor brush or something to get to it. Maybe tomorrow when there's better light.

I like the new color. I LOVE the absence of the old color. Bye bye pinkish brownish vomit-bag-ish paint. I will not miss you. Not even for a moment.

Somehow I managed to wash and dry three loads of laundry.... kids clothes. I did not, however, fold them in any way, shape, or form. My front room now has three baskets full of clothes waiting to be tended to. You know, I think folding & putting away clothes is on the new award charts. Sounds like a great job for my darling children to tackle.

I don't think I was very nice today. It was a crabby Mommy day for my kids. Idunno why. Tired. I painted. They're crazy. Who knows. I think it had a lot to do with how messy the house was today. I don't do well in the midst of clutter. And since I painted, I did not clean. At all. Until after the kids went to bed. So they were with me when the clutter was making me feel the craziest... the toys! the dishes! the crumbs on the table and floor! the laundry! the painting supplies! aaaaaahhh!!!

We did our 30-minute clean-up tonight (which I think I forgot to blog about... I meant to, just forgot... a few times a week, we set the timer for 30 minutes and clean as much as we can, which is usually either straightening the kitchen or picking up toys that are everywhere... when the 30 minutes are over, we stop, even if not everything is clean... works pretty well... so far). Meagan had toys all over the living room... tinker toys and lincoln logs and zhu zhu pets and dragons. It was a disaster zone, and she was the culprit of it all (as the boys were in school all day, I knew it couldn't be them). Isaac offered to help her pick up, but once he started, she stopped. She went and sat down at the kitchen table and started playing while he was cleaning... her mess! That did not go over well with me. One too many times hearing "It's hard" and "I don't want to clean up." Gaaah! She got in trouble. I yelled. Sometimes she just drives me bonkers!! Lucas says it's because she acts just like me. Maybe he's right.

Tomorrow is Meagan's last day with her stitches. Wow time flies. Seems like that JUST happened. Anyway, she goes Thursday morning to get them out.

I have pictures from this weekend's trip to the apple orchard, but I am just too tired to mess with them tonight. Again, maybe tomorrow. We'll see what time allows. For now, I'm off to bed. We'll chat again soon.


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