Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Daily Dining - October 5th

I was reading this very inspirational post this morning as part of my morning wake-up-and-start-the-day routine, and I feel prompted to do this experiment. It is something I've been actually thinking of on my own for a few weeks now. I feel like I sort of lose track of what I spend on groceries and food. I know that fast food and dining out is a big part of that. SO, I want to track what I spend on food and what we eat for the month of October. I realize I am five days behind, but better late than never, right? So I'll start with today.

Unfortunately, I'm off to a bad start. But it is what it is, and I will never break my bad habits if I don't face them. So here it is. For breakfast, the kids had oatmeal, cereal, fruit smoothies... all stuff around the house. I, however, did not eat breakfast before we left the house for school, so Meagan had no problem convincing me to get McDonalds on the way home. Bad me. *sigh*

So, McDonalds breakfast - chicken sandwich (I took the chicken off of the bread about 1/2 way through... not such a fan of their breakfast food, actually, so why did I even bother? Idunno.), and sweet tea (my #1 weakness... truly. I need to brew some more at home. If I know that I have it on hand at home, I am much less tempted to drive through and get some.) Plus, she got a wild berry smoothy, and a cinnamon bread thing. Total cost of breakfast = $8.45.

(I'll be back later to update the rest of the day. In the mean time, I will be busy planning a menu with the food we have on hand. Maybe I can get away with only buying milk and a few necessities this week at the grocery.)


Went to the grocery this afternoon. Spent $37.18 on groceries... milk, bread, fresh veggies, ground sirloin, and a few odds & ends.

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