Thursday, October 14, 2010


Goodness, the day can take a drastic turn in the matter of a moment. We were having a wonderful day yesterday. The kids were home from school, the house was clean, and dinner was started. Things were good.

I was doing a quick wipe-down of our main floor bathroom when I heard a HUGE thud... followed quickly by a horrible horrible scream. I ran to the stairs and found Meagan at the top, holding her hands over her forehead, crying "it hurts, it hurts, it hurts." I got to her like a super-mom who can fly, and when she reached for me to hug me (thus, taking her hands off of her forehead), I was horrified. Her forehead was gashed open and bleeding like crazy. I scooped her up, took her straight down to the kitchen, and got her a wet cloth and an ice pack to put on it. Straight to the ER we went.

We got there and the woman working the front desk looked at her and said, "Oh dear. She's bleeding profusely. Let's skip the paperwork." Mama like. We got quick, great care, although it still took us nearly 3 hours from the time we left the house to the time we got home. 8 stitches. But she got a whole bunch of Tinkerbell and Fairy stickers, and a handful of silly bands. Plus, she sat in the room for 2 hours and played Jewelled on my phone (which is a fun little matching game). So yes, she was entertained and handled the waiting quite nicely.

So she went from this...
To this... (much better, don't you think?)The one thing she was worried about was that I ended up throwing away the kitchen towel that she had bled all over. She was devastated that we threw away that towel. So, I have promised her a trip to Wal-Mart today to pick out a new pack of kitchen towels... she has requested Halloween towels, specifically 'ghosty' towels, which we have never had before. But I don't mind a pack of festive towels for a sweet baby girl who has had a rough day.

She also asked if we could get Chili's for dinner when we left the hospital. Well, we actually had a dinner guest yesterday (so Lucas grilled steaks and they ate steaks and the green beans I had made... so I sorta felt like I should go home rather than to Chili's). So her Daddy made her a special box of macaroni for dinner... she was happy. Plus, Sebastian made her a Lego race track to surprise her (how sweet is that!). So that made up for not getting Chili's for dinner. Maybe tonight or tomorrow we'll head to Chili's... we'll see.
At any rate, yesterday was, thankfully, her last day of school for the week, so she will have a good long weekend to recoup. We have an appointment next Thursday to have her stitches removed. She's already looking forward to that... this morning, when her friend B came over to go to school with us, she actually hid from him. "I don't want anyone to see me like this." Poor thing. She warmed up and came out of hiding, though, when I reminded her that B had stitches this summer, so he knows what it's like. Plus, he was SUPER sweet, when he said, "Meagan, I think you look really pretty like that. I like you're stitches. They look pretty and red" (I didn't tell him that it was dry blood that was making them red... I didn't want to ruin the sweet gesture). At any rate, I think she's out of hiding for the day, but she is definitely not going to be sad to have them taken out.
*Sigh* Life with three kids is never boring.


Kelli said...

So how's she do it? Poor thing!

Rebecca H. said...

She's doing great today. I helped her get a bath... washed VERY carefully around the hairline. We dried her bangs back and put a pony tail holder in to keep them off of it. Other than that, she has made her usual crafty mess in my living room, and now she's outside playing.

She was a bit worried about going to the store... she thought someone might say she looks weird. Poor thing...are 5-yr-olds really that self-conscious about what others think? sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. Our poor baby. Sounds like she is making the best of it.

Love you Meagan.