Friday, October 29, 2010

The First Thing to Go

You may or may not already know this about Isaac, but he is a HUGE science kid. He reads dinosaur encyclopedia's for fun, memorizes random facts about sharks because he wants to, and loves anything and everything to do with ocean life, prehistoric creatures and their descendants, and, well, pretty much any animal that can tear it up in a fight. *lol* So it really peaked his interest when they were talking about the Woolly Mammoth the other day in science class. Someone mentioned that scientists had found a baby Woolly Mammoth frozen in ice with its fur and skin still in tact. He thought that was pretty cool. But his next thought led to this statement...

"It's too bad skin is always the first thing to go. I hope some day they find a frozen dinosaur so we can see what it's skin REALLY looked like. 'Cause right now, people just have to guess, but I wish we didn't have to just guess."

In case you are wondering, he has dreams of becoming a combination paleontologist / video game designer. Should be interesting where that career path leads.


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