Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

(what is it with me & song titles lately?)

It started with Isaac & Lucas last week. Then, we moved on to Meagan this past weekend. Well, we just got through yesterday with no puking from apparently that makes it Sebastian's turn. Just as I got out of the shower this morning, he let loose. (Sigh) So, no Story Hour for us today at the library, and no school for Sebastian. The one good thing is, he did actually fall asleep at nap time, so hopefully he'll sleep it off. And, so far, lunch hasn't revisited that's a bonus. Sheesh...maybe I'll open up all of our doors & windows & freeze out all the yucky bugs that seem to be lurking in the corners. How many more days (weeks, months) until spring????

And, by the way, I did actually check the news this morning to see that school was NOT cancelled, but I guess my efforts were all for nothing!

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