Monday, February 26, 2007

Yum yum yum

The last of the 3 trick-or-treat goodies pages! I finished Sebastian's last night. In doing this page, I also did a challenge that I found at Designer Digitals (Jumpstart Challenge #8) to use synonyms for your title word. It was kind of fun really - a cute alternative to 'here's you eating your Halloween candy.' LOL! Now, I just have to do layouts of the action shots of all the kids trick-or-treating around the neighborhood (at Grandma & Grandpa's & here!). I may actually successfully scrap an entire holiday (not something I'm very good at, to tell the truth - holidays are not fun for me to scrap??).



Laura Burger Digi Designs said...

Oh I can relate to not doing the holiday layouts myself. But the Yum Yum is great and I love the one you have posted for the 25th. Great layouts.

angelapowers said...

Ya know, I don't really enjoy scrapping holidays either! Adorable page...and LOVE the one you posted in your last post...awesome work ;)

mizamylou said...

I think your page turned out great. I love the title too!