Friday, February 16, 2007

New Outlook on Life

Today I had the pleasure of viewing some of life's major issues through the eyes of 4 & 5-yr-old's.

First topic: Death
On the way home from Motor Development, Monique (a friend of ours - 4 yrs old) chimes in with a completely out-of-the-blue comment that started an interesting discussion, of sorts.

Monique: "I don't have a doggy anymore because my dog puked and died. Now he's in heaven and he can't come back."
Sebastian: "Well, Monique, don't be sad, because when you die and go to heaven, you will see your doggy again........(long pause)......but, you'll have to wait because you have to be really really old to die."
Isaac: "Yeah. Like Grandpa with the speeder. But you can go to heaven to see your dog in outer space. That's what heaven is. Huh Mom?"
Mommy: "Actually, buddy, heaven is not a place you can get to in a rocket ship. It's not a place you can go and visit. But when we are done here on earth, our spirits will go to heaven and stay forever."
Sebastian: "And then we'll see all the dead people we know, huh Mom?"
Mommy: "Yup."

New Topic: Marriage and Babies
I'm sure you've seen the zoo-pals forks & spoons for kids. We have a drawer full of them! While I was making lunch, the boys picked out their spoons & forks. Isaac bumped his together, which caused Sebastian to immediately spout off:
Sebastian: "EEEEWWW they KISSED!"
Isaac: "Yeah, maybe they're going to get married and have babies"
(Mind you this is a monkey & a giraffe)
Sebastian: "Yeah, 'cause when you get married you have to kiss. That's how you get married."
Isaac: "Yeah, and it's how they have babies."
Mommy (couldn't help myself): "So, when you kiss, are you automatically married?"
Sebastian: "No, but if you want to get married and have babies, you have to kiss first. It's the rules."
(I nod in understanding, and move on with lunch...meanwhile...)
Sebastian: "But, Isaac, they can't have babies. A monkey and a giraffe can't have a baby together."
Isaac (getting up to get a shark knife from the drawer): "Yes they can. It will be a shark!"

I love these conversations! They're always good for a laugh. Good for keeping perspective on what's really important. Have a great day! (here are a few pictures from motor development this morning - just for your viewing pleasure!)


Anonymous said...

Hi becky, talking about heaven must be an age thing . Garrett and myself had the same talk the other day. He got so upset when he thought of me dying. Did yours do that?

Rebecca H. said...

no...sebastian seems to think you have to be really old before you can die, and (apparently, and thankfully) he doesn't qualify me as old yet! LOL. I thought about telling him that wasn't the case, but I didn't want to scare him.