Friday, February 9, 2007

Better late than never

Okay, I know it's a little late in the day. I'm sure some of you are already wondering if I'm gonna skip out on you again. I have been keeping a mental list of things to share with you today - so here goes. I'll just go in chronological order I guess.

Finally finally, we can abandon the horns that Meagan has been sporting. We've move up to FULL Pigtails!!! No more baby mullet! And Oh My Goodness - she looks so cute - but a little more grown up than I would care to acknowledge. I'm a firm believer in keeping my children young forever, and I solemnly vow that none of them will ever age past 7 (LOL)! So, I can accept full pigtails for now, but I will be a little sad (but only a little) when we reach a full PONY.

Sebastian got his first report card yesterday. He didn't even mention it to me. I had to find it on my own, all tucked away in a folder in his book bag. (I see he's picking up where his Daddy & Uncle left off!) He is doing really well. And, actually, the only area that he had a 'Needs Help' mark was in gym class - hand dribbling. So the kid's not destined to be a basketball player - I don't think any of us are surprised by that fact! But I told him it's something we can work on in the basement while it's still cold outside. Then when it warms up, we can take their basketballs & hoop out on the driveway & practice all he wants. That made him happy!

Those were Isaac's exact words when we opened up the package (correction - GIANT TAMPON BOX) that came in the mail yesterday. Grandma & Grandpa decided they just HAD to fill Sebastian's request for a football helmet for Daddy, so now they can hit heads together for fun (I still sometimes don't understand the male mind). I can just imagine all kinds of interesting outcomes from that scenario! When Lucas got home last night from work, he came upstairs wearing his work clothes & a green helmet! Wow - apparently Daddy's pretty excited about the helmet too. And, since Isaac doesn't have his own football helmet, he has already made plans to use his baseball helmet as a football helmet whenever the need should arise. Aaaaaah, boys!

#4 - GRAY(cat) POOP-ON (no illustration available - LOL)
Okay, and last but not least - for now anyway - is my Meagan story of the day. I swear some days I believe she was sent to me to teach me patience like no other!

Although this has very little to do with the story, I guess it's worth mentioning that we (Meagan, Lucas & myself) got about 5 hours of sleep collectively last night. She basically cried from 9:30 until 5:30 this morning, with a few 3 to 5 minute pauses thrown in. Needless to say, it was a rough night. And when I'm tired, patience is a real test of my will - I definitely have to do it on purpose because it surely doesn't come naturally to me. That being said....

Fast forward to about 1:00 this afternoon. My dear sweet daughter is back to her normal self, as if nothing ever happened last night. I was cleaning up after lunch, and she and Isaac went to the basement to play. A little time passed, and I realized it had been quiet for the last 3 or 4 minutes - never a good thing when Meagan is involved. I peeked down the stairs to see if I could see them. Oh, but I was NOT prepared for what I saw! My beautiful baby girl, playing with 2 trucks in the litter box - cat poop on her face, in her hands, and all over her clothes. I could only assume, based on the proximity of the smears to her mouth, that she had taste tested it at least once. YUCK YUCK YUCK... Trying not to think about what had really just happened, I scrubbed her hands & face, changed her clothes, and brushed her teeth. Then I called poison control to see if there was any danger or anything I should do. Apparently, this is a pretty common thing, and since Lilly is an indoor cat, no worries. The lady said, 'She may experience some mild food-poisoning-like symptoms. And it's possible that she'll poop out some litter." Exact quote! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! What that girl won't think of to get into! But, other than having to suppress a gag reflex, I was pretty pleased with the way I handled it. I guess I passed my patience test for the day.


Anonymous said...

Don't you feed your daughter? Does she have to result to cat poop! LOL
I believe Sebastian may know someone to help him with his ball handling skills. For Isaac I know someone who would love to play football with him. He looks so manly with the helmet on.

Deidra Faith said...

OK...I must say that's gross! I work with children...have been for almost 8 years. And about a year ago, we had a 13 month old play in her own poop but I can honestly say I've never come across a child who played in the cat's poop! I think the fact that you kept your gag reflex in check is a testimony in itself! Just the thought...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So you can handle feline poop but can't handle MAYONAISE!!!!! He He He ;-)