Thursday, February 22, 2007


Blogging should come with a warning label! It has started to have an impact on my every-day life. Besides the fact that any time anyone does or says something funny, Lucas & I both think "put that on the blog," (dorky, I know) it has now gone a step farther. This afternoon while I was making dinner, I sat down at the computer to look at other people's blogs...I stopped by Kelli's & got sucked into a movie clip she had posted. The next thing I knew, dinner was burning on the stove...OOPS! Salvageable, but still burnt!

Other than that, not lots to report today. It's been a pretty lazy day for the kids - Isaac woke up really late; Meagan took a 3 1/2 hour nap while Isaac watched a movie (in total contradiction to yesterday's post, I know). I got caught up on some stuff I needed to do. And then I burnt dinner. It's pretty nice and sunny (although quite windy) so I'm hoping to maybe get outside for a while after dinner this evening...we'll see how that goes - the boys have earned their 10 dots, so tonight is a PlayStation night for them...trying to convince them to go play outside should be interesting!

Oh, one other little thing worth mentioning - mostly because it's a funny thing about Isaac right now that I don't want to forget later in life. Isaac is totally into socks right now. But not just any socks - really cool ones, like camo socks or dinosaur socks. Every day when he gets dressed, he has this big process of deciding which of his cool socks (that almost NEVER match the rest of his outfit) he's going to wear. Today he is wearing blue sweats, a gray and blue polar bear sweatshirt, and green camo socks - very stylin'! BUT, my problem is, that he has been looking for his dinosaur socks for the past few days. Apparently he doesn't remember that we threw them away because he had worn holes in them. So, if anyone knows where I might find a supply of dino or camo footwear, please pass along the information. I've got some socks to replace!

(And Aunt Jenny, I thought of you while I was writing this. I know you'll be happy to have someone else who shares your appreciation for fine footwear! - Love ya!)


Who else could it be.... said...

Okay, You've finally turned to the darkside. ALERT! ALERT!ALERT! COMPUTER GEEK......

Kelli said...

I totally understand the whole, "I've got to put that in the blog" mentality. I am sure I think that thought a dozen times a day. Thanks for the 'shout out'. :)