Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I finished another trick-or-treat layout last night. I was able to scrap a little since there was no Prison Break to watch. Two down, one to go. Maybe I'll work on Sebastian's tonight.


This morning was story hour at the library for Isaac. It was his first one since before Christmas (since we had to miss last week due to illness). They had their Valentine's Day party today - soooo cute! He made me a valentine card, and they got to decorate cupcakes to bring home (which they put in a bag -????? - so the icing was a smashed & smeared, but he ate it anyway!). We left the library later than usual, so we barely got home in time for Sebastian's bus. But, we made it! I thought I'd sit down & do a blog posting just for the sake of unwinding from the rushing around of the morning. Next it's on to spaghetti for lunch....and then nap time! Isaac is literally asking for nap time today, so I'm hoping he'll actually sleep for a change. We'll see. He has pretty much outgrown naps, but every now and then he crashes. Maybe I'll have some more exciting stuff to update you on later. If not, have a great day, and I'll see you tomorrow!


Deidra Faith said...

Eeyore is my favorite!!!!!!!!

Deidra Faith said...

OK...after looking at all of your layouts over and over again, I think i want to attempt this digital scrapbooking stuff. And since you're the only one I know who does, can you tell me what to do? Where to start? Programs to buy if needed? You know where to find me!