Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oldie but Goodie

Tonight for our family movie night, Sebastian chose 'oldie' but goodie. No, it's not the oldest movie, I know, but it was Sebastian's first true love. It brought back memories of him at 18 months standing mesmerized in front of the TV dancing to the Du Lac song. Sometimes it's easy to forget about those funny little things that you're sure, at the time, you will always remember. Watching him watch that movie tonight, I couldn't help but think about how many home movies we took of him watching that movie - sounds funny, I know, but he was soooo darn cute! And then, watching Meagan, she was picking up where her brother left off. She was fascinated. She wouldn't take her eyes off the screen, not even to take a drink. Although I have every line of that movie memorized, it was fun to take time to sit and watch it all together - and remember the 'good ol' days.'

For a while during the movie, Sebastian sat snuggled up on my lap, and he gave me little kisses like he always used to do. I just closed my eyes and soaked it up - those moments are fewer & farther between the older he gets. It was a great way to end what, admittedly, was not my favorite day (just not enough sleep for me, and a little on the edgy side). Kind of put things back in perspective for me. (I'm expecting tomorrow to be a better day for me...keeping my fingers crossed!)

And finally, a potty update...Meagan has been asking to go potty these last few days! Once, totally by accident, she actually peed into the big potty. And we COULD have had another accidental success tonight - if only she weren't so stubborn & bull-headed!!! (Can't imagine where she gets that, really!) She was on her way up the stool to sit on the potty when she all of a sudden decided (while completely without diaper) that she would rather brush her teeth. When I told her 'Let's go potty first' she got back down and stomped her feet in defiance, just in time to pee all over the floor. Grrrr! That attitude got the best of her (and me) tonight. Again, maybe tomorrow will be a better day. I'll let you know how it goes! (Wish me luck!)


Anonymous said...

Your post reminds me why I love scrapping so much. Getting to preserve those little moments before they slip away!

Kelli said...

We are SO in the throws of potty training, too. I am right there with you... we got to clean poop off the carpet yesterday. And we are constantly trying to find the balance between encouraging and being pushy ('cause that's when he wants diapers again). It's a good thing we love those kids so darn much! Love the layout. (I have so much to learn!)