Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's Party Time!

Today we had the greatest adventure! The 3 of us went to Sebastian's school for his class Valentine's Day party! It was Sebastian's turn to take treats, so he took heart-cake Little Debbies. His teacher also let them each bring a board game to share. His choice - Candy Land. When we got there, the class had just started playing games. Sebastian was playing Connect Four with one of his buddies. It didn't take Isaac and Meagan long to find the 'kitchen' area (that had been converted to a post office - they're taking a field trip to our P.O. at the end of this month!). Until snack time, Isaac & Meagan were perfectly happy to play with the kitchen food & the mail in the mail box!

I was a little worried about snack time, because I was not expecting that Isaac & Meagan would be included in it...but someone had 2 extra cookies, and shared. They were ecstatic - snack at a real school table! The only thing left to do after snacks was to open up Valentine cards. We (well, I) decided not to stay for that...too many things for my 2 to get into...and it was already 2:15 - way past nap time. But I think Isaac & Meagan loved every minute of being with 'the big kids' in a real classroom at a real school!

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