Thursday, February 8, 2007

I never meant to let you down

Sorry I missed yesterday...I caught a little crap about it from a few of you! (All in love, I'm certain!) Nope, no one was sick yesterday. I just wasn't at the computer a lot, I guess. Just spent some quality play time with the kids in the morning - playing WackaMole (always interesting with Meagan involved!). After Sebastian got on the bus, Isaac got his computer time for going to bed good & for not sucking his thumb the previous day. And then during nap time, I just spent some good quality time with God. That's always a refreshing way to spend an afternoon.

I wasn't much in the mood for dinner last night. I called Lucas for some suggestions, but he gave me nothing. So Meagan offered to help. She helped me find something to make. Then she pulled up her chair (by herself), got out the skillets (by herself), and tried to make the sausage (by herself). I didn't have the heart to tell her that she had forgotten to turn on the stove top & that she needed to take the sausage out of the package first. When she had had a few minutes to 'cook,' I gave her the boot & took over. But first I made sure I got some cute cute pictures of her helping.

Last night, I actually got my husband to myself, since the Beaner had work issues & wasn't home to play (BTW [some of your terminology I love sooo much!]Beaner, hope you're feeling better!). So we got caught up on American Idol (we didn't watch it Tuesday - gotta love TiVo). Next week - Hollywood! That's always when it hits the fan! I have picked out a few of the contestants that I really liked, so it will be interesting to see how they do. And can I just add, as a side note, that Lucas has stolen my cat from me! When we laid down on the couch, what does she do, but jump up on his lap & lay down! He's not even nice to her, and she likes him more than she likes me! How's that fair? (Well, he really is a little nice to her, but not like I am... sigh) I guess we'll just have to get a dog!

Thanks, everyone for all of your comments on my Wendy's page. Tina (I'm assuming that was you), no worries - I still have a huge soft spot in my heart for TWIX. And, I've stayed stocked up on Mt. Dew. Don't you worry about me!! It's all taken care of!

Well, that's my quick overview of yesterday. Gotta start getting kids dressed & ready for school, and Sebastian is asking me to do something with him. So, for now, I'll leave you with this - a little bit of creativity coming from the kiddos. Sebastian has been a drawing fool lately. A few days ago he drew the mother of all I Spy pages - filled with every kind of living creature he could think of - sharks, worms, bugs, dragons, and even an ostrich. See what you can find! And yesterday, Isaac worked long and hard building what he described as his 'Meat-Eater Lego Star Wars Spaceships.' Here's a picture for you. Have a great day! Love ya!


Jose said...

"since the Beaner had work issues & wasn't home to play (BTW [some of your terminology I love sooo much!]Beaner, hope you're feeling better!)."
SICNR, FYI I do feel better. ICBW, G2G4N.

Anonymous said...

What a little cook you have. Does she help often? How good is her food? I would love to try it? Maybe??

Rebecca H. said...

whoa! that was WAY TOO MANY letters! Actually, I got all of it (after a few minutes of thought) except SICNR...i'm at a total loss on that one!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I could not resist.

Anonymous said...