Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Okay, we're taking full advantage of the computer to send out Valentine wishes to everyone. I let the kids make projects today, and (no shocker) they decided to make 'cards' for Grandma's & Grandpas. Well, since they are up against 4 & 5-yr-old attention spans (and since Sebastian spent quite a bit of time writing his name & his classmates' names on 21 cards for school), by the end of 1 project, they were ready to call it quits...So, we agreed to dedicate their cards to ALL of the Grandpa's and Grandma's and put it on the computer for all of you to see. I guess that works out better anyway since they're on 8x10 papers full of popsicle sticks (LOL). So, here are your Valentine wishes from the kids...Meagan's just ended up being a blank piece of pink construction paper. She 'painted' it with water (minus the watercolors) for a while, and that was that! And, Grandpa's please forgive Sebastian...his hand was cramping after all the school cards, and his mind had apparently gone to mush because he wasn't writing any of the right letters. So, after he (barely) finished 'Grandma' he called it quits. He specifically asked me to tell you all that his card is also for his Grandpa's. We love you all! Hope you find someone to hug & kiss today! Happy Valentine's Day!


Short Grandpa & Grandma said...

Sebastian, Isaac, and Meagan
What a wonderful surprise! The cards are very beautiful. I think that the stick person adds a lot to Sebastian's card and Isaac was right we love his card...we think where he cut the card makes it even better. We know that the Valentine's cards were done with lots of love. All three of you made Grandpa and Grandma smile way down deep in our hearts. We sure do love you!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys forgot your favorite aunt and uncle!!!

Rebecca H. said...

yeah, i figured you would say something :o) we actually started out planning on several cards...but with no naps & all the stuff i already mentioned, we did good to get through one. thanks for the cards, by the way...they came today! the boys were very excited to have mail again!

Anonymous said...

Grandma and Grandpa Walker say
a big thank you to Sebastian, Isaac
and Meagan. I was so excited to
see our Valentines and you did such
a GOOD JOB!!!We love you and miss
you bunches. Thank you so much for
the beautiful cards.

Little Grandma & Grandpa said...

Sorry, but we just got to see the new updates on the computer. It was a busy time shoveling snow. I'm sorry I'm late to tell you Happy Valentines Day. I even called on the phone and forgot to tell you guy and remembered what day it was when I arrived at work. The cards are beautiful and you are all very artistic. I always love your projects. Looks like you had a great party day. Miss you bunches. Grandma is ready for summer. Love you all