Monday, February 12, 2007

Up in Smoke

Man oh man did I get lucky! This weekend was the first drag race of the NHRA season. Lucas found a fantasy drag racing deal that we're all doing together as a family just for the fun of it. Well, I picked my drivers a few weeks ago - basically I just picked 2 people I thought might have a decent chance of winning and a third person that was a long-shot and that I didn't think anyone else would pick. Well, my 'long-shot' ended up winning, which landed me with the most points for the week (by a margin of 5 or 6 points). Heee heee heee! Here's the funny thing, though... when Lucas asked me last night who I had picked for drivers, I couldn't even remember. I remembered considering a few different people, but I had no idea that I had actually picked the winning driver. So, of course, Lucas had to call me from work this morning once the points were up to give me crap. I tell you, it's hard being in any form of competition with that man! But it's oh so fun to win against him! Even if it is only for one week! (Better luck next week, Babe!)

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