Sunday, February 11, 2007

In honor of Multi-photo scrapbooking...

Just about missed it - my layout was posted on Tenika's blog the other day ( I had been watching for it, and then one day I forgot to check it... so, that, of course, was the day she posted my layout! LOL. It's still up for now. I think it may disappear into the archives after a few more posts, but you can check it out if you want. It was posted on Feb. 9th. There are some great layouts posted with it, so it's worth a peek if you're interested. So, in keeping with the theme of her blog, I thought I would post a few more of my layouts with 3 or more pictures on it. I was looking through one of my on-line galleries and realized there are quite a few more than I even realized. Just wanted to share. (I'm gonna keep it brief tonight - drag racing is coming on soon!) Hope you enjoy!

Rain forest Room (9 pictures)

Journaling: 'The magic of watching the 4 of you explore an environment that was completely new to you...The wonder in the way you observe and discover everything around you...the bananas on the trees, the fish in the pond, the overhanging branches of a low-growing tree. It makes me happy to my core to see you enjoy each other and the world around you so completely. -Rain forest Room, Meijer Garden'

Just One Gift (4 pictures)

Journaling: 'Just one gift. That's what I always used to say to my mom every Christmas Eve. Since I alternated Christmas's between my Mom & Dad's houses, I didn't have many real traditions for the holiday. But this was one I could always count on. In fact, sometimes if I didn't ask, Mom would ask me...she never was very patient!! Well, the tradition lives on. Before bed this Christmas Eve, you got to open one gift...not a show-stopping gift, not the grand final, but something to satisfy that craving for Christmas, if only just a little. Well, this year we got you a box of books...I Spy, Eric Carle, manners, Bear Snores on, and lots lots more. I was a little nervous you would be one asked for books for Christmas. But you couldn't have been more excited!! I'm thrilled that this one gift made you as happy as it used to make me. Love, Mom'

Read to Me Bubba (3 pictures) - can you remember when they were that little?

Journaling: 'I walked into the play room today to find Sebastian reading 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' to Isaac.

Day 1 (6 pictures)

Journaling: 'Parkview Elementary; Teacher - Mrs. Long; Lunch - hot dog; snack - Popsicle'

Smile (3 pictures)

Journaling: 'Smile...Apparently a word that can be interpreted many different ways. Let's see, there's the Allosaurus smile, the scary tiger smile, and the I'm trying to pretend not to smile smile. If only the photographer could be lucky enough to catch that genuine Isaac smile...the one that spreads from your lips to your eyes and all the way from your head to your toes. That smile is PRICELESS.'


AbbysMomma said...

Wow! Great LO's! I esp. like the one posted on Tenika's blog. So glad I came here both for the great inspiration and because I was clueless about her multi-photo scrapping blog.

Deidra Faith said...

I have to say two things: One, my first thought when I looked at your layouts was "Wow, I really need to get working on mine." Mine don't look nearly that good! Nowhere close!

Two, YOU MAKE AN EXCELLENT MOTHER! I always knew you've always wanted to be one. But as I was reading the journaling to your pages I said to myself, "Wow, she lives for her children." I just think it's amazing that God took the desire of your heart and made you so dang good at it! :-) I love it!

nviars said...

These layouts are wonderful. I like your style.