Saturday, February 3, 2007

A day well spent

(Just a quick summary of the day)

What a day! Everyone woke up way earlier than usual, which always makes me leery about what the day has in store. About a half hour after we got up, Meagan started getting sick...and who DOESN'T love cleaning up puke? So, that put a damper on our plans to go out for breakfast...Burger King to the rescue! I ran out to get BK & make a stop at Wally World for diapers and about FROZE! Yikes...the wind was blowing like crazy & the snow felt like stones hitting me in the far, off to an interesting start.
Well, when got home, Lucas was watching an episode of Daybreak on the computer...this was a show we started watching on abc when it first came out. Apparently, it was cancelled (which shines quite a light on why it suddenly disappeared off of TiVo's radar), but they are playing the remainder of the episodes on-line. So, we spent the morning getting caught up. I much prefer the couch to the kitchen chairs for watching 3 45-minute episodes in a row, but I was happy to find that we weren't going to just be left hanging wondering forever if this guy was ever going to make it past today and into tomorrow. Now I'm definitely looking forward to this coming Monday when they put the next episode up.
Okay, so after lunch, off to the grocery...Meijer at 1:00 in the afternoon on a Saturday is always interesting. I survived, but it took me 2 1/2 hours at the grocery. EEK. The only real hitch in the shopping adventure was the fact that my cart got totally STUCK in the snow. I wish you could have seen some of the looks I was getting (and how many people had to drive around me). Try as I might, I could not push, pull, or drag the cart through the snow. So, it (really, no kidding) took me nearly 10 minutes to get to my van (which was parked in the second spot, 2 rows from the door). I had to keep making little paths in the snow with my feet for the cart to follow. I'm sure I looked more than a little goofy. Oh well - Get er dun!
So, tonight was our third family pizza & movie night. The movie tonight was Cars - my choice. My first time watching it from start to finish. I really liked it. I have to say I got a little choked up at one point. Am I the only one? By the end of the movie at 8:00, Sebastian was begging to lay down and go to sleep & Meagan had gone up & gotten her pillow from her bed & was just laid out in the middle of the floor (see I knew they all got up too early!). Now, we've parted to our perspective computer corners - Lucas for gaming, me for scrapping & blogging. All in all, it was a great day. There were a few tricky moments thrown in there, but I think I made it through without giving up an ounce of my joy. I'd call that a success - a day well spent! Hope yours was good too.

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Deidra Faith said...

Now see, I avoided the wind and the stores today! Well, most of the day! I even skipped church tonight...shame on me! But I finally ran out about 8:30 to a few stores...AND IT WAS WONDERFUL! No one was out because it was so cold! I felt like an eskimo myself with all of the layers I had but I so enjoyed not having to deal with crowds. I'm not voting for more days like this but at least there was a silver lining to it! :-)