Friday, February 23, 2007

Speech Therapy

The speech therapist came today to evaluate Isaac. After talking with him for a while, and asking him to say lots of different words (she showed him pictures and asked him what they were of), she said that he is actually right on target for a 4-yr-old. She said that the sounds he is dropping are sounds that develop more around 5-8 years old - like 's' in the middle of words, or 'st, sp' at the beginning of words. She said his vocabulary & language skills are great, and once he stops sucking his thumb, most of the 'laziness' he shows in forming 's, l, t, th' will go away. So for right now, she is not going to recommend him for therapy because he is right where he should be. So, I guess he's like his father was when he was Isaac's age - he just talks too darn fast & no one can understand what he's saying! If I can just get him to slow down and actually pronounce the sounds (that I witnessed today he is perfectly capable of making) we'll all be able to follow along with Isaac's stories!!!

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