Thursday, February 1, 2007

All Aboard !!!

It's official! All 3 of our kids have now officially been HOOKED on Thomas & his friends at some point or another in their short little lives. Meagan's fascination started a few weeks ago. I noticed she was paying extra close attention to a Thomas show on TV. Shortly after that, she started giving me the 'choo choo book' to read at bedtime. But yesterday evening I got the full picture of how much she really likes choo choos.
The boys had earned PlayStation time yesterday, so they disappeared to the basement after dinner, not to be seen again until bedtime. That left Meagan & me. I had some laundry to get done, so we headed upstairs. She headed to the boys' room, and went straight for the bucket of little engines, dumping them out all over the floor. "Pay too toos" (play choo choos, for those of you who don't speak 1-yr-old) she said to me. So, we got out the roundhouse, the mountain & the train tracks, and she spent over an hour playing engines (which says more than enough, since she never does anything for more than 5 minutes). At one point, she stopped & held up 2 engines - one blue & one green - and said "Thomas. Percy." I about fell over. When exactly did she decide to learn their names? The child is HOOKED!

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