Monday, February 19, 2007

Stuck in the Snow!

I meant to post these pics the other day, but somehow, they got forgotten... Thursday when Sebastian got off the bus, he decided to cut through the side yard instead of heading for the sidewalk - which is only natural, because what 5-yr-old can resist mounds and mounds of snow? I had been watching him out the front window, and he seemed to be making progress toward the house (slow progress, but progress nonetheless). So I went in the kitchen to work on dinner - I figured he'd be in in a minute or so. Then I heard Lucas pulling into the garage (hmm, he's home early). But it was a good thing for Sebastian that he did come home early, because somehow, Sebastian managed to get himself STUCK in the snow! Lucas had to go out and literally DRAG him out of the drift he was in...but not before he took a few pictures just for laughs!

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